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In the relegation battle. Borussia Dortmund this weekend will mark the strongest opponent, Bayern Munich, for the Hornets if whether Bayern Munich took no doubt can be swept away before the downturn became the turning point of the season. Battle in fact 3 lines for Dortmund, but a lot of pressure, relatively speaking, the Germany Cup lowest importance, game of the week believe Klopp also saves power in the formation, promotion is all well and good, if bad beats out for Dortmund now is not necessarily a bad thing. Of course, the players on the field will still be going all out for victory. Quit the team in order to make up for Lewandowski jordan retro 8 for sale  ajf 4 for sale  Mariusz losses, Dortmund, yimobilai and Ramos were introduced two strikers this season, but the two have never been able to integrate into Dortmund's tactical system, which let the Hornets offensively obvious fatigue. Two ex-Bayern Munich star Lothar matthaus and Strauss-Kahn think yimobilai not fit for Dortmund, but Klopp talk doesn't care about the outside world. Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga this season was scored 10 goals after 9 rounds, but only 2 yimobilai 9 times all his goals.

Representation and Gore-Tex waterproof fabric made by, at the same time retaining the original, but also greatly enhanced functional for outdoor sports. Flyknit in recent years technology has been widely applied in subsidiaries of Nike shoes, of which the FlyknitRacer is one of the best recently for this popular running shoe brand new Black/Volt/White cheap nike air jordan fusion 5 cheap air jordan 6 rings  the color scheme. Down-deep grey designed for tone, and fluorescent green contrast to the detailed design, and equipped with comfortable running shoe. It is worth mentioning that, this shoe just 34 grams in weight, truly brings barefoot wearing experience for users. United Kingdom designers PaulSmith's latest autumn/winter 2014 in order to pay tribute to rock and roll music, specially selected rock star JimMorrison and 60 's psychedelic colors as inspiration, as a series of leisure with the personality of the new product brought us. But this time prepared for the fall and winter seasons in the series, brings Flamingo pattern PaulSmith sweater, down hooded sweater, narrow-leg pants and use high quality fabrics to create the styles.

Goal Hamburg had to strengthen the attack, Bayern also has more room to attack. In addition, Lewandowski Mariusz this game relies on his excellent footwork to help his teammates made a lot of chances, game Lewandowski Mariusz's passing success rates as high as 78%, although such data cannot compete with the master of Alonso's passing, but is also a very good performance in the forwards. The game's score, in addition to helping Bayern to victory, but also help Lewandowski Mariusz continued to team-mates. Lewandowski Mariusz at the beginning of the season Bayern Munich fans unfulfilled expectations, Levan also confessed  jordan retro 12 mens when interviewed not into Bayern's tactical system. But as time went on, Levan has already begun in the team, in a recent appearance in game 5, Les 4 goals in total, scoring efficiency tends to be stable. Than before the early-season 5Games scoring 1 goal achievement is too much better. 

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