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Borussia Dortmund in a first-round match away to beat Stuttgart 4-1 kicker, and Pauli 3-1 away out of Rathenau. Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga now 2 WINS, 1 draws and 6 defeats with 7 points, 15, St Pauli 3 WINS, 2 draws and 6 defeats in Germany b League with 11 points, 16. Both sides in the Bundesliga had 16 prior meetings, 11 WINS, 3 adidas rose 773 2 for sale cheap nike foamposites  draws and 2 defeats Dortmund dominated. Although the League performed poorly, but Dortmund is surprisingly good in Cup competitions this season. First is early in the season that Germany 2-0 beat Bayern Munich in the Super Cup title, Germany kicker 4-1 Cup first round win over Stuttgart to qualify was 3 straight WINS in the Champions League with 9 goals 1 concede tops. He could fight again Germany Cup, don't know if Dortmund will again switch to tournament mode, Sturm und drang. 0-1 Dortmund in last weekend's League home defeat against Hannover, met with League with 4 straight losses, and the last time Dortmund 4 League losing streak was in 2000. This is Klopp in the first half of the season for the first time since the summer of 2008 to coach lost in 6 games. Dortmund in the standings right now just 1 points above the relegation zone.

In addition, the brand also in Los Angeles to create a name for the "JordanHangar" Stadium. The stadium is located in the PlayaVista area of Los Angeles, and New York's "Terminal23" is similar to "JordanHangar" is also a well designed indoor stadium, and filled with a variety of print design, while the Interior houses a special exhibition hall, stands, changing rooms, gym shoes, and game room. Footpatrol London's famous shoe store in recent years frequently launched collaborations with major brands, recent and classic sports brand ASICS to work together, in order to bring this co-branded version of popular  cheap nike kd 5 for sale nike lebron 11 discount training shoe GelKayano. Material design based on Army Green perforated suede shoes, combined with black rubber with a little embellishment, finally carrying white running with green sole, whole create a very strong military flavor. Ganso-level street brand Stussy recently in cooperation with function Gore-Tex fabric manufacturer, outdoor function for this fall and winter to build a SoutienCollar coat. Designs based on traditional outdoor coat lapel to start.

In the League game against Hamburg, Lewandowski Mariusz did not start until after 66 minutes off the bench. Lewandowski Mariusz has not had much of a chance at that time, he was only one shot in 24 minutes of playing time, there is no performance. The Germany Cup Lewandowski Mariusz Hamburg, starting wars, he also used his outstanding performance helped Bayern Munich to victory. After just 7 minutes, nike barkley posite max for sale   Lewandowski Mariusz had achieved a goal. He took Mueller's pass hit an empty net was parried by Johan Djourou, but his tricky shot to help Bayern Munich broke the deadlock early, knocking on the door of success. For Bayern, Hamburg's aggressive defense of this game, if unable to score as soon as possible, the match will be very tough, but Lewandowski Mariusz's goal is clearly to help the team a lot. 

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